TW-2338 Keratometer

TW-2338 Keratometer

Model No.︰TW-2338

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰-

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specifications︰ Measure the Radius of cornea's curvature and diopter.

1.Magnification of Eyepiece:15X;
2.Total Magnification:18X;
3.Illumination:2X 6V/12W halogen bulb;

Measurement Range:
1.Radius of Curvature:5.5-11mm;
3.Readings radius:0.02mm;
5.Refractive index n used for compensation:1.3375;
6.Minimum Surface required for measurement:
r=5.5mm ø1.65mm
r=7.5mm ø2.30mm
r=11mm ø4.00mm
7.Angle Measuring Disc:0°~180°;
8.Input Voltage:220V;