TW-2000 A/B scan with Keratometer

TW-2000 A/B scan with Keratometer

Model No.︰TW-2000

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰-

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specifications︰ B scan
Probe frequency: 10MHz
Scanning Mode: fan scanning
Resolution: Lateral≤ 0.5mm Vertical≥0.3mm
B scan geometric location precision: lateral≤ 10%, vertical ≤ 5%
Detect depth:≥50mm
Gain: 30-105dB
Scan angle: 53 degrees
Gray scale: 256 shades
Display mode: B, B+A, B+B
A scan
A scann probe: 10MHz solid probe, inner luminated
Accuracy: ±0.06 mm;
A scan detect depth: 15-40mm
Eye mode: normal/ cataract/ aphakic eye/three kinds of pseudo eye
Measure: Anterior chamber, lens, vitreous body and total length.
Auto-calculate the average and analytical Stat.
Curve freezing: Manual/Auto mode, freeze with identification
Reasult output: link to printer, monitor
Measure method: double cursor distance measure
Power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz ±2%
Power: 50W±10%
Size: 420mm×3300mm×330mm
parameter of keratometer please see the TW-100