Lensmeter: TW-1002

Lensmeter: TW-1002

Model No.︰TW-1002

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

TW-1002 Lensmeter with/out Compensator(External Reading)


It is suitable for spectacles factories, spectacles retail departments, department of ophthealmology in hospital andoptical element factories to measure sphere. Cylinder power, Cylinder axis, prismatic power of spectacles slices and lenses, and contact lenses power.



1. Ranges of measurement: 0 to ±25D Minimum: 0.125D graduation up to ±5D 0.25D graduations over ±5D to±25D

2. Cylinder Axis Range: 0 ~180°step 1°

3. Prismatic Power Range:Prism diopter of Pattern A: at 1△ interval in the range of 0~5△Prism diopter of Pattern B: at 1△ interval in the range of 0~20△

4. Prism base angle :at 50 intervals in the range of 0 ~180 degree

5. Eyepiece Adjustment: ±5D

6. Measurand Lens Diameter: φ16 ~φ80mm

7. Dimensions: 275mm(high)×130mm(wids)×455mm(deep)

8. Weight: 5.6kg

9. Lamp: 220V15W 110V15W