TW-1008 Lensmeter

TW-1008 Lensmeter

Model No.︰TW-1008

Brand Name︰Towoo

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

This device is applicable to all-level measurement testing departments, spectacles manufacturers, spectacles retail stores, hospital's department of ophthalmology and optical elements factories for conducting measurement of spherical lens diopter of spectacles or lens, diopter of cylindrical lens, astigmatism axis of cylindrical lens, diopter of bifocal lens, prism degree, prism basal angle and diopter of cornea contact lens.

1、Range of diopter measurement: 0~±25D
2、Space of readings: 0.01D, 0.06D, 0.12D, 0.25D
3、Astigmatism axis of cylindrical lens: 0~180° Space of readings: 1°
4、Prism degree: Model A 0~5△ Space of readings: 0.5△;
Model * B 0~20△
Space of readings: 0~5△:0.5 △;5~20△:1△
5、Prism basal angle: 0~180°Space of readings: 1°, 180°~360°Space of readings: 5°
6、Size of measured lens: Φ16~Φ100mm
7、Lamp of illumination: 12 V / 20W, halogen lamp
8、Voltage: 110V or 220V / 50 Hz
9、Power: 35W
10、Overall dimensions: 295mm(L)×205mm (W)× 455mm(H)
11、Weight: 10 kg
12、Temperature: 5~45 ℃ (in operation) -10~60 ℃ (in storage / during transport)
13、Humidity: 30~75% (in operation) 10~85% (in storage / during transport )